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PCA Procure was established in 2010 with the aim of procuring items used in the Oil & Gas industry but during the years it has evolved to procurement of general supplies to different sectors of the industry.

Since PCA inception, we have considered Safety, Quality and Integrity as three of our key “focus” areas. Along with responsiveness, competitiveness, accountability, flexibility and the use of the latest technology, these service absolutes were and still are an important part of our corporate objectives. To date, we are very satisfied with our results.

Our most important objective is to become an extension of any business wanting to streamline their procurement demands.

Overall, PCA’s track record and performance during the past years demonstrates our commitment to “deliver” what we promise and “do it right the first time”. We expect to continue our expansion with the same commitment and philosophy.


Our scope of services also covers a comprehensive range of purchasing and supply chain management services:

Experienced, professional staff

  • Full traceability and documentation

  • Innovative techniques

  • Turnkey International procurement

  • Competitive pricing

  • OEM partnership programs

  • Lower overall purchasing costs

  • Inventory analysis and materials management

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